Systems currently interfaced with

(commercial and agency developed)

User authentication

Interoperable Geographic (GIS) features (Service-Oriented Architecture)


Data Standards

MUDDI (Model for Underground Data Definition and Interchange) standards development is sponsored by the Open Geospatial Consortium. The OGC is a large international organization of businesses, governments, researchers and universities dedicated to making location information findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable. continually tracks MUDDI standards development.

International Foundation Class (IFC) infrastructure open BIM standards development is sponsored by buildingSMART International. continually monitors IFC Infrastructure standards development.

The American Society of Civil Engineers has two standards applicable to utility data. Staff have actively participated in the evolution and development of these and is compatible with current version of:

  • ASCE 38-22 Standards Guideline for Investigating and Documenting Existing Utilities
  • ASCE 75-22 Standard Guideline for Recording and Exchanging Utility Infrastructure Data


GEOworks Interfaces with 12 systems including: OpenID, OAuth, SAML2, Active Directory, ADFS

Document Management System interfaces with 16 different Document Management Systems, improving customer productivity and complying with national and agency taxonomy regulations

Payment & Accounting interfaces with 13 payment gateways (e.g., PayPal) and 4 accounting systems (e.g., SAP)

Digital Signature interfaces with 3 Digital Signature systems (e.g., DocuSign)

Standard Formats stores and exchanges files in standard formats such as: pdf, jpeg, doc, xls, csv, shp, png. By request we can exchange data using formats such as LandXML, IFC and CityGML

Web APIs Compliant is compliant with web APIs such as WSO2

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