A new paradigm for management of highway and street right of way

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From humble beginnings in 2004 our customer base has grown organically through word-of-mouth.
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GEO.works is an SaaS tool for public agencies to manage
permitted activities on transportation right-of-way

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Utility permit installation

Utility as-built collection/storage/retrieval

Driveways and approaches


Multiple agencies on the same server, a unique configuration for each tenant, individual configurations of information that are shared

Cloud or Premises-Hosted

Hardware and software are not required for deployment, database and services are redundant, with continuous backup, can be hosted on internal servers

Configuration of Business Rules

Software workflows are uniquely configured to each agency's business rules. Agencies can modify their configurations without the need for customized programming

Dynamic web form engine

It enables configurations without coding

Fully responsive interface

It automatically adapts to multiple devices (e.g. PCs, tablets, smart phones)


Map-based user interfaces; draw points, polylines and polygons; automatic data binding from intersecting layers; bi-directional data exchanges through APIs

User support

Registered users can call our technical support center or email requests, for example modify templates, on-line forms, specs and special provisions.

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