We provide enabling technology to proactively plan and carry out daily operations including:

Right-of-Way Management

GEOworks is a web-based, transportation right-of-way
management system for public agencies.
Delivered as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), we maintain and continuously enhance our product.

Easy and Efficient

Our easy-to-use technology improves the customer experience.
With improved efficiency, agencies can better use their limited resources to meet increasing expectations.

Sharing Information

The company

GEO.works was founded in 2013 through a business partnership between a European company specialized in WebGIS applications for managing roadway activities and a US company specialized in utility investigations and as-built data to reduce risks during project design and construction.

Our history

  • 1997

    In 1997 a company founder under contract with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) developed the first GIS system to maintain canals and bridges for the City of Venice.
  • 2000

    The company was first organized in February 2000 under the name of Berenice.
  • 2004

    In 2004 we were awarded a contract to deliver GIS services for the City of Brescia. The first software deliverable was developed to coordinate the issuing of permits for building construction, scaffolding, outdoor dining, moving, and public events with road projects (resurfacing, maintenance and new construction). The city was preparing to start two large construction projects at the same time, an automated subway with 17 stations and beltway widening. Brescia’s mayor wanted to prevent permitted activities from exacerbating traffic impacts due to subway and beltway construction. The software allowed the city to avoid overlapping work and minimize traffic disruptions.

  • 2013

    GEO.works was founded in 2013 to introduce Berenice products to the United States and to develop utility as-built capabilities.
  • 2022

    GEO.works International Inc. is now a subsidiary of BIGH, formed in 2022.