Berenice s.r.l.

It is the sister company of, providing software products and services since February 2000. Berenice has 19 configured systems in Italy for small, medium and large cities (Milan, Florence and Genoa), provinces and regions.

Consorzio Futuro in Ricerca

It is a Consortium, controlled by the University of Ferrara, specializing in Research and Development projects. The Consortium’s mission is to promote and support research, innovation and technology transfer, acting as a privileged interlocutor for Universities, Research Centers, Public Institutions, and Industrial Enterprises, in Italy and abroad, connecting technical expertise with industry and the working world.

Prisma Solutions gmbh

Prisma Solutions GmbH is a software company providing services and solutions for infrastructure management, traffic management and mobility services in Europe. PRISMA solutions was founded in 1999 with a vision to change the world through innovative GIS projects. Their software applications are key to implementing Smart City, Smart Mobility, Smart Logistics, Traffic Management 4.0, Autonomous Driving, and e Government 2.0.

Jakala Civitas S.p.A.

Jakala has robust proprietary databases of micro-territorial data, supporting customer marketing strategies through socio-demographic analyses. The company has offices in 13 countries, including the cities of New York, Moscow, Sao Paulo, Shanghai, and London, with headquarters in Milan, Italy.

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