Texas DOT

Texas is the 2nd largest state in the U.S. by land area, covering just under 270,000 square miles, with a population of about 30 million. Transportation is a major economic driver. The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) staffs 25 District offices to handle its operations. TxDOT is progressive in using technology to improve customer services. In 2006 TxDOT implemented an electronic utility permitting system, UIR, building upon a prototype developed as part of a university research project. Eventually the system outgrew its ability to meet the state’s needs. In 2018 TxDOT decided to replace its existing utility permitting system and add a utility as-built repository. GEO.works was selected to provide these services with its off-the-shelf software. A contract was signed late summer 2021

The scope of this project includes a standardized workflow for all 25 Districts, adding new workflows for Broadband and 5G/small cell initiatives, automating business processes, geographic integration, as-built capabilities, migrating legacy data, and training. GEO.works functionality for TxDOT includes all that was provided to the Montana DOT (see Montana DOT project description). The system is live since July 24th, 2023.


Permit workflow