HART Commuter Rail

The Honolulu Authority for Rapid Transportation (HART) is building a fully automated elevated, electric, driverless, urban light metro rail system linking key employment centers, visitor destinations, and residential communities through 21 stations along a 20-mile east-west corridor on the south shore of Oahu. Project managers considered utilities a high risk due to lack of information about potential conflicts with vertical structural elements, particularly in the urban areas. Designers of the Kamehameha Highway Segment decided to do extensive utility investigations to create a utility model to understand and mitigate risks.

Map interface to access SUE 3D utility data in GEO.works repository


GEO.works was used to import utility data from field investigations and export data directly into CAD. The 3D utility model was key to avoiding utilities during design, and helped the contractor understand the efforts HART undertook to reduce construction risks.

3D CAD rendering of existing utilities along new HART rail alignment