MDT Geographic Dashboard

On January 1st of this year the Montana Department of Transportation’s (MDT) online Utility Permitting Administration System went live. At the beginning of July MDT received and processed over 500 new applications.

MDT is seeing positive results from using the system already. Prior to 2020 a utility company was required to submit paper applications with all supporting documentation to one of five Districts for processing. Each District processed and stored the paper application based on their needs; no two districts were the same. This made processing applications a slow and cumbersome process. Now applications can easily be located using searches based on fields recorded by the system such as roadway and mileposts, County, City, district, dates, etc.

Applicants are also seeing the benefits of the new system. Both applicants and reviewers receive notifications when an application is submitted or the status is updated. Applicants and reviewers can quickly see the status of applications using a geographic or list dashboard of their applications. Custom reports or searches can be created and saved for future use. MDT Maintenance Chiefs can see all projects within their area of responsibility improving coordination across MDT divisions.

It is estimated that processing time has been reduced by about 75%. To get a demonstration or more information about online permitting system fill out the form below, send us an email or give us a call.