City of Milan, Italy

The City of Milan has more than 15,000 employees, requiring thorough permit reviews involving many departments. The city determined it needed to be more efficient, improve internal coordination, and enhance oversight and control of permits. Milan wanted a paperless, automated permitting process for all permits, that would track communications, manage documents, and accommodate payments. They wanted to reduce processing time and traffic congestion caused by permitted activities. The city wanted to be able to view the details of all past, current, and future activities from a map interface, taking advantage of Geospatial Intelligence. The most critical permit types were identified as utility installations, electric vehicle charging stations, public events, and outdoor dining.

Implementing traffic control limitations for new permits in


Permit applicant’s proposed traffic control for a roundabout in


Utility Installations.
Milan manages more than 8,000 utility permits per year, including preliminary coordination, and as-builts for new construction. was configured to manage small utility permits (6,500+ permits per year), with automated fee and lane rental calculations, and tax control duration reduced from ten months to one month. An additional permit for maintenance operations, not previously tracked, was added to the system increasing the number of processed permits by 23%.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.
EV charging permit reviews are convoluted and iterative. They require clearances from many stakeholders, including utility companies, external superintendents (e.g., Monuments, Archaeology and Environment Preservation), and internal departments of Land Use and Building Planning, and Infrastructure. To expedite the review, Milan created a procedure to engage all stakeholders in a Service Committee. Each committee member has at least 30 days to evaluate each application, propose approvals or denials, or participate in a face-to-face meeting during a committee meeting. was configured to implement and automate the Service Committee procedure and tracks all steps through the approval process.

Electric vehicle charging station


Public Events.
Public event permits are a critical permit type. These permits have a tight timeline (normally less than 30 days), require approval from different departments and embed sub-permits for food and beverage, merchandising and advertisement. It was challenging for Milan staff to coordinate all stakeholders and sub-permits within a short deadline under political pressure. In 2021 developed an automated procedure for managing public and special events entirely through a geographic dashboard, reducing processing time and providing faster communications with all stakeholders. is used to manage all large events in the city and will evolve with the addition of advanced functions in 2023.

Outdoor Dining
Early in the 2020 pandemic, restaurant and coffee shop owners were unable to operate indoors and wanted to expand outdoor dining. The city was supportive but did not have a simple way to handle all the new permit applications. Milan asked to configure a special procedure for permitting outdoor dining. was able to complete the configuration and go live in two weeks. Milan approved 3000 outdoor dining permits during the month of June 2020.

Outdoor dining